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about us

Hydrocolloid Indonesia at a Glance

Hydrocolloid Indonesia is a leading manufacturer of carrageenan is South East Asia with a state of the art food manufacturing facility which is managed with a focus on quality system.

Our facilities are located next to the best and most cost-effective seaweed source so we can offer excellent performing ingredients to our customer with high quality through a reliable supply chain.

From Indonesian seaweed we offer high quality product to the world, along with Indonesia passion and mission for nature preservation and community welfare.


Strategic, socially responsible seaweed sourcing

Seaweeds known as cottonii, sacol and spinosum comprise the major cost of carrageenan. These seaweeds are cultivated by farm families and coastal communities throughout Indonesia. Hydrocolloid Indonesia therefore places emphasis on strategic, socially responsible seaweed sourcing. Through strategic alliances with development partners Hydrocolloid Indonesia is in the forefront of engaging with coastal communities to improve farm productivity and gain cost advantages that can be passed through to our customers.

Hydrocolloid Indonesia seaweed source areas are located through the length and breadth of Indonesia. We select from cultivars of Kappaphycus alvarezatonii), Kappaphycus striatum (sacol) and Eucheuma denticulatum (spinosum) depending on your needs.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Capitalizing on Indonesia's seaweed comparative advantage to supply pure, cost-effective carrageenan building block products made in world-class manufacturing facilities.


Providing strategic carrageenan building-block products to blenders, formulators, solution providers and further processors worldwide.

Our seaweed Advantage

Cottonii and spinosum from the best of sources

International quality and safety standards

Hydrocolloid Indonesia implement international quality and safety standards. Hydrocolloid Indonesia is Halal, Kosher, FDA Registered, HACCP, ISO 22000 certified, and FSSC 22000.

Depending on your needs

We select from cultivars of Kappaphycus alvarezii (cottonii), Kappaphycus striatum (sacol) and Eucheuma denticulatum (spinosum) depending on your needs

Experienced team

Our seaweed sourcing team has experience going back to the earliest years of seaweed farm development in Indonesia.

Located in the midst of the world's best

Hydrocolloid Indonesia is located in the midst of the world's best and most cost-effective sources of cottonii and spinosum seaweed.