Hydrocolloid Indonesia makes carrageenan building blocks in a new factory that utilizes the best of food-grade equipment. (These are actual photos of our factory - not images lifted from the Internet).


Alkaline modification is followed immediately by rapid drying in natural gas fired equipment designed for production of dried food products.

High quality Impact milling with integral high efficiency classification enables production of 200 mesh product without subjecting carrageenan to high heat.

The fully equipped laboratories of Hydrocolloid Indonesia enable close monitoring and control of processing and product quality.

Quality control and quality assurance are done according to regulatory requirements and customer specifications for:

  • product composition
  • Rheology
  • Cleanliness
  • Other parameters as specified

We can manufacture your building blocks within a variety arrangements. Please contact us to discuss options.

We can work with your technical staff to build the quality assurance system that meets your needs.