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Carrageenan made to order for your blending or processing needs.

Our business is to provide the best, most cost effective carrageenan building blocks to blenders, formulators, solution providers and further processors.

Our new world-class factory is equipped with the best processing and quality assurance equipment. Hydrocolloid Indonesia can manufacture carrageenan that is tailored to your needs.

Our specialty is 200 mesh food grade carrageenan -also known as E407a and as Processed Eucheuma Seaweed (PES).

Our Product

Carrageenan, made to order for your blending or processing needs.

Sauces and Dressing

Carrageenan is effective in preventing separation of various components in sauce and dressing.

Dairy and Non-Dairy

Excellent to be used in dairy and non-dairy drinks and desserts because of its interaction with proteins giving stabilizing effects depending on dose and type.

Carrageenan for Meat

Carrageenan work best because it diffuses better within the meat fibers water and protein to deliver desirable texture.

Carrageenan for Beer

This range of products is added to beer as an auxiliary fining agent to accelerate and improve clarification and stabilization

Carrageenan for Pharmaceuticals

This range of products is excellent to be used as a natural vegetarian alternative source. It can be applied into various applications, such as capsule, toothpaste, cream & lotion, liquid medicine, patch, and many others.