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It is our commitment to continue improving sustainability in our day-to-day operation. With rapid changes that the world is facing, we continuously innovate to face complex sustainability issues.

We work together with our suppliers and customer to create sustainable food ingredients for the world and further more for the next generation to come.

Environmental Management


Water has very important role in our production process, thus we monitor and measure our water use. Some actions are implemented for water efficiency includes returning the steam condensate as boiler feed, domestic water use is reuse for watering the plant.


Our facility is equipped with WWTP to ensure waste water discharge into sewage is within acceptable limits and meets the regulation.

Non-hazardous solid waste is segregated based on 3R principle (reduce, reuse and recycle).


We partners with Indonesia government to provide training and support for local farmer so they can implement proper farming practice and protect the cultivation area free from pollutions or pesticides, which eventually aiming for sustainable cultivation area and system.


business man

Hydrocolloid Indonesia continually works along with our colleagues and communities to grow stronger and give contribution for the better world.

Project Corporate Social Responsibility PT. Hydrocolloid Indonesia

  • Project: Sumur Bor 30 Meter

  • Person in charge: Karang Taruna Harapan Jaya

  • Location: Kp. Sabur RT 01-02 RW 06 Ds. Tarikolot, Kec. Citeureup Kab. Bogor

Delivering Responsible Products

Food Safety

Delivering a safe product is always been our top priority. It is our commitment to apply food safety control throughout our entire production process. Our entire operation is managed with integrated quality system and GMP that comply with both local and international standards through HACCP, SKP, FSSC 22000.

Halal Food

All products manufactured by Hydrocolloid Indonesia are Halal food that complies with Halal requirement set by government and MUI, as the authorized institution.


All of our packaging material complies with international standards for food contact material. We use proper packaging to ensure the quality and safety of the product throughout its shelf life.